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How to check whether a character is from English language or not in Objective-C

Last day I needed to check the UITextField ‘s text whether it is from English language or other Unicode character form other language. And also how many characters are form English language and how many from others? Here is how … Continue reading

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[[UIDevice currentDevice] orientation] is not working for iPad

Today I face a problem in developing my app for iPad. I am checking the current orientation of my device using the following function and checking weather it is in Portrait or Landscape mode. This was working for iPhone 5.1 … Continue reading

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Hide UINavigationBar LeftBarButtonItem & add custom UIButton in iOS 4.3 and iOS 5.1

You can easily hide the UINavigationBar LeftBarButton. But the problem is your way may not work for both iOS 4.3 & iOS 5.1. I just find a way that work in both iOS Code is:

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Dismis keyboard on UITextField return key pressed

Let you have a text filed and a button in a view. if you pressed the button something will  happen.

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