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C++11 auto className::functionName(Parameters..) -> Type

A few days ago I found a totally new syntax like auto ClassName::functionName() -> something. Then I started to find out what does it mean and got my answer. Today I am going to share this. Lets we have a … Continue reading

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Skin Detection in C++ using OpenCV

Today I am going to share how to detect the human skin using YCbCr color space in OpenCV. It is very easy. Here I made an class that will detect the skin.

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Display webcam images captured with EmguCV in C#

Today I am going to show how can one easily show from webcam in PictureBox control in C#. First download the EmguCV wrapper from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/emgucv/ then install the EmguCV wrapper.

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OpenGL and GLUT in Visual Studio 2010

In my another blog I just made a new post on OpenGl and GLUT in Visual Studio 2010. To go there Click Here

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Implementation of Transaction in ASP.NET C#

Today I am going to show you the basics of transaction and some basics of the implementation of transaction. Now come to the point what is the transaction? Before go to the definition of the transaction let consider a situation … Continue reading

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